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Barbara Lukossek Consulting GmbH

Barbara Lukossek Consulting GmbH

The best secretaries

... know their job and are able to: work on a PC, write letters, make phone calls and transfer calls, create presentations, schedule appointments, organize trips and prepare travel expense reports, speak foreign languages, prepare meetings and meeting agendas, take minutes, plan and organize events, manage projects, conduct negotiations, set priorities, take the burden off their bosses and make sure they aren't bothered with unnecessary problems, prepare decisions, take entrepreneurial action, identify wishes, make coffee and at the same time keep an eye on the essentials.

... pursue their work: in a motivated way, professionally, intelligently, reliably, conscientiously, with commitment, efficiently, orderly, with initiative, constructively, responsibly, independently with a service-oriented mentality, with foresight, with an ability to think proactively and think ahead, methodically, with a high standard of quality and with genuine enjoyment.

... are: intelligent, qualified, motivated, ambitious, flexible, well organized, professional, competent, reliable, able to work under pressure and handle high stress, enthusiastic, communicative, assertive, thoughtful, customer-oriented, service providers, dependable, responsible, dynamic, discreet, loyal, tactful, confident, cooperative and considerate toward colleagues, helpful, diplomatic, harmonious, cultured, presentable and charming.

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